Shark versus fish, not quite the thriller in Manila

I’m still stuck on the boat on the Indian Ocean; I’m currently at day 36 of my 10 day trip and still counting….. Ho hum, best laid plans and all that.

Being that I’m not too busy at the moment I was taking a break, having a coffee and watching the marine life at the side of the boat. Specifically I watched a shark epically fail 3 times in trying to catch and eat a flying fish. Whilst the shark looked dramatic in its thrusts breaking the surface of the water, it realistically got nowhere near its prey. The fish upping its pace each time and skipping away from the shark.

Reminiscent of a Wile E Coyote cartoon, I almost expect the fish to let out a ‘beep beep’ Road Runner style. Looking a bit dejected the shark then turned its attention to a sea snake, who despite being really small in size, comparatively speaking, gave the shark a simple hard stare, causing the shark to cut its losses and drop deeper beneath the surface. Still hungry.

I’m not sure but possibly the sea snakes have all gone a bit bad ass as a result of the other day.

One thing I did notice in this exchange was that the when sharks eyes catch the lights from the boat (night time here at the moment) they reflect in a truly demonic fashion. Like a deer in headlights, but the most sinister water based deer you’ve ever seen.


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