Weird food combos; Chicken and shellfish

Due to work commitments at the moment I don’t get the chance to cook for myself.  I know that for some people that’s great, and every once in a while I enjoy it too, when I go out for a meal is an obvious example.  On the whole however I enjoy cooking and it’s a bit weird that for the last month I have been unable to prepare anything for myself.

Thing is the food has been a pretty high standard, you never know when you are heading off on a job like this whether or not you’ll get a chef who has a bit of pride in his work or one that just wants to deep fry everything and get back to his paper.  Except the other day I had chicken breast stuffed with scallops, sounds like it might be nice, but it wasn’t.

 It just means that I had a chicken breast that tasted of shellfish rather than chicken.

I’m not sure what the chef was thinking or if he just had some scallops to use up.  Sure prawns and chicken in a stir fry are great, I’ve had some tasty paellas before that have poultry and shellfish,  but this was just plain wrong. 

Fingers crossed I don’t encounter anymore crazy combos before I get home.


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