Kane: In the land of the infected, the immune man is king

Not being able to sleep last night I decided to watch Doomsday.  It’s a futuristic movie set in the United Kingdom, predominantly Scotland in 2035.  A deadly virus, ominously called the ‘The Reaper Virus’ ravaged Scotland in 2007 and the government at the time decided that the best course of action was to rebuild Hadrian’s Wall and quarantine all those north of the border.

Fast forward to 2035 and the virus has been found again, but this time in the centre of London.  A group of elite specialists, comprising of military and scientific personnel are sent over the wall in search of a doctor who was last heard from in Glasgow, and a cure. What they find is a Glasgow that some would say is not too dissimilar to the one that currently exists on Old Firm day; basically angry tattooed nutcases looking for a fight. 

The story is set primarily around Eden Sinclair (played by Rhona Mitra), a bad ass Major with the military training to lead the misch masch of merry men on their mission.  The cast is pretty strong on paper but none of the actors ever really seem stretched by the content of the film.  There are a few are faces that may only be familiar to those who watch UK movies and TV, one who stands out is Darren Moffit who seems like he is a pretty solid actor deserving of larger roles, conversely an established actor who should have got more screen time is Bob Hoskins who plays the old school street cop competently.

At the end of the day the movie is a collection of ideas and themes taken from Aliens, 28 days later, Mad Max and others. What you get is a crazy hour and a bit of a entertainment complete with bucket loads of violence, gore, cannibalism and a dash of humour (look for the signage throughout the movie).   

I can understand anyone who flatly doesn’t like the flick, many wont, but if you know it’s a futuristic action flick complete with knights on horseback, Mohican cannibals, a deadly virus and you start pointing out plot holes and claiming that it’s just not realistic you should chose your movies more carefully.


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