‘Your fun is only limited by your imagination’

I had planned to watch Dexter last night and was gearing up for some serial killer style TV, when someone put on ‘Bedtime Stories’ a relatively recent Adam Sandler movie about a hotel handyman that tells his niece and nephew crazy and imaginative bed time stories that begin to magically come true.

I really enjoyed the early Adam Sandler stuff like Happy Gilmore but I haven’t even bothered looking at a trailer for ‘You don’t mess with Zohan’. I wasn’t sure how his comedy would work in a children’s movie, so much of his stuff he centered on being really angry, so I thought I’d watch and find out.

To be honest, I really enjoyed it. Predominantly what this movie does is set its self free from any common sense and takes the audience along for the ride, basically tapping into the idea that a child imagination is a wonderful thing and that through it anything can happen. Sometimes movies can take this line and in the end you just get something sappy, whimsical and crap but in this instance I’m happy to say this wasn’t the case.

It visits medieval England, the Wild West, outer space and finds time to have a character living in a shoe with a nasty case of athletes face. If you are an Adam Sandler fan there is still enough of his style to appreciate, you just have to realize that you are sharing the actor with a much younger audience than usual, I think in my mind it’s a good step for him as potentially it opens up a new audience for him, and I for one am more interested in watching his movies again.

I don’t have any kids, but if I did I think they would really dig the movie it has elements of magic and silly in just the right amounts.


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