5 Stupid things I did as a child

Fantastic 5 Friday

This weeks list is something a little more personal;

Played with matches. Fire engines followed

Not listened. When they said “it’s your first time on a motorbike, stay on the road.”  I thought the dirt track in the forest was a better idea, blood and pain where the consequence.

Tried to prove a stupid point. By hanging upside down on a steel rope over concrete to ‘prove’ it was secure. Ouch.

Stood drinking from a bottle of juice behind a closed door. It didnt stay closed and it cost me a tooth, though amazingly painless.

Licked snow of a picnic table. There was more than just snow on there….

And the runner up as it didn’t seem to fit the theme of the others;

Not believed him. When in my first day of high school the head teacher said “Before you know it you’ll be finished here and in the big wide world out there”.

So true.


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