Sea snakes and ethical killing

Interesting day here on the Indian Ocean.

I went to get a coffee a few hours ago and some of the guys on board the ship were ominously sharpening hunting knives. Not something I usually see when I’m out at sea, but I am thousands of miles from home on the other side of the world, and where ever I travel for work guys do various stuff to kill time.

Next time I went out for coffee they were in the process of beheading a sea snake that they had caught from the side of the boat. Quicker than you could call the people from PETA they had it skinned and were throwing the meat to the sharks over the side.

This was definitely not what I’m used to.

It raised a few questions, but mainly “Am I cool with this?” I eat meat, but consider myself to be an animal welfare conscious guy. I don’t hunt, but don’t have an issue with those that do as long as they are doing it for a purpose (as in to eat) and not just ‘for sport’.

I suppose it seemed more poignant a question due to my encounter with a whale shark the other day. Apparently one of the guys has just got a new iphone and needed a new case, rather than buy one he option to make one while he is not working. I have leather shoes; I didn’t catch and kill the cow but its still part of an animal? Is it not better that this animal wasn’t raised in a tank for the purpose of snappy telecommunications accessories, but rather it led a life in the great big sea? It may have been munched by one of its peers I the next few hours anyway?


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