A tale of 3 movies

I’ve watched 3 movies in the last 24hrs; yes that is how busy I have been. One was picked by someone else and the other two by me. None of them however were movies I was itching to see, more a case of I’ll stick this on and see what it’s like.

First up (and the one not chosen by me) was How to Lose Friends and Alienate people. I’m not sure why I had avoided this one as its main star is one of my favorite current British actors, Simon Pegg.

I don’t think that it’s his performances alone that make him stand out so much as the material and roles that he normally picks. From Big Train, to Star Trek and Spaced to Shaun of the Dead he has made me laugh in each. I didn’t laugh at his role in Dr Who, but then I don’t think I was supposed to.

In this tale Pegg is the story’s main character and is plucked from running a small English magazine by a powerful American magazine owner and asked to go work in New York amongst the glitz glamour and high society that he normally writes so scornfully about. I’m not sure how much of a parody of Megan Fox’s life her character was, or if she realized that she was in essence taking the piss out of her current situation, but the requirement to smile, act dumb and pretty was dutifully met. Though not stretched Kirsten Dunst played her part of aspiring writer stuck in a world of gloss and glam well also.

Overall worth a watch and had some laugh out loud moments. I may be giving it more praise than it deserves purely as I thought it would be dire. 2nd place amongst the 3.

Secondly I watched Echelon conspiracy. I’ll keep this as short as possible otherwise you’ll read a lot of negativity.

Utter piss. From bad acting, to stupid story continuity gaps, being badly cast, badly scored, possibly the most pointless sex scene ever in a movie and just all-round garbage. If you want to watch a movie about the danger of computer intelligence watch Eagle eye as a better alternative released at a similar time or stick terminator on again.

Out of the 3 movies it comes in 4th as not watching a movie takes 3rd place.

Lastly I watched Apocalypto. Again I had no real desire to watch this movie and again I’m not sure why. I suppose that there is a part of me that thinks Mel Gibson, although great as an actor in 80s-90s action flicks has a habit of being too liberal with the truth and facts surrounding the stories he directs.

So let me be clear, I know very little about pre Columbus South America. Hell I know very little about it now in the modern world. My only personal experience is that I spent a few days in Tijuana and that’s a less authentic a taste of South American Culture than an Old El Paso dinner kit.

I think though that is why I could enjoy the movie; I don’t know if it was in any way shape or form an accurate portrayal of life in South America for that time period, it might as well have been set on Mars, so I didn’t judge I just enjoyed. I’m guessing that with Mel Gibson at the helm that it’s not very consistent with the facts and figures but, what it is and what he has achieved is a movie which took me on a journey for a snap shot look at a of someone’s life totally different to anything I have watched before.

So to this I give first place, based on originality of content and despite me being very tired as well as the movie being over 2hrs long I was kept awake and engaged throughout.


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