Sightseeing on the Indian Ocean

So yes I am here for work, but problem after problem means its delay after delay.  I’ve now spent 2 weeks bobbing about at sea, my internet connection (via satellite) is similar to dial up so despite taking some cool pictures I can’t share them till I get back to dry land.

I did today however spot a humpback whale, which is a first for me.  I have seen smaller whales in the wild before but never something so big.  I’ve also seen a few sharks, little uns not of the Jaws calibre, and belive it or not snakes.  Yes I know eels would make more sense but I was speaking to one of the old timers on board who tells me that the snakes come out this far. 

There is a chance he’s taking the piss, but he seemed genuine enough!

Not a lot else to say other than my movie page is starting to swell with all the down time I have.


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