Fantastic 5 on Fridays 80’s nostalgia movies

With Friday fast coming to an end and the fact that I have failed to keep up with my Fantastic 5 on Fridays I bring you Fantastic 5 on Friday’s late edition.

Tonight’s topic 80’s kids movies!

I’m coming at this less from the angle of purely good movies from the 80’s but movies that you watched as a child of the 80’s on a rainy bank holiday. In order to make the list you have to be a single movie and have no be part of a trilogy (apologies to Indiana Jones and Marty McFly & Mr Miyagi) and not have been rereleased as part of special edition anniversary set or similar.

This in essence means I ruled out the first 2 films down in ET and the Goonies, but they were just too straight forward anyway.

In no particular order the Fantastic 5 on Fridays 80’s nostalgia movies;

 Harry and the Hendersons    – All the way back in 1987 when this came out and I actually still remember seeing it in the cinema.  The thing I remember most is post movie being in the bathroom and another kid asking me if I liked the movie, I said yeah and he agreed.  He then proceeded to tell me that his favourite bit was when the guy took out his knife and slashed the tyres on the car!?!  I’m guessing that kid is now in jail.

 Flight of the navigator – Who didn’t love flight of the navigator? The tale of a kid who falls into a ravine and ‘wakes up’ 8 years later to find the whole world around him has aged and changed whilst he is still the same.  He then becomes a guinea pig for NASA, meets Sarah Jessica Parker and decides to jump aboard a space craft and become friends with its CPU called Max.  Obviously.

DARYL  – I mainly remember thinking the main kid in this movie was annoying (perhaps I wasn’t alone and that’s why he doesn’t work in movies anymore) although the film was great as a child.  The general premise is that the military build a robot child (D.A.R.Y.L. stands for Data Analyzing Robot Youth Lifeform) and set him loose to live in middle America with an unsuspecting family.  The movie is basically the hi jinx that this produces with an undertone of “what will we do when robots can think for themselves

Explorers – The movie that first brought Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix to our screens was this tale of 3 boys and their adventure into space, I haven’t seen it in a long time but  I remember thinking it was great at the time.

 Watership down –  Ok I’ll be honest this one is technically a 70’s movie and was made before I was even born, however it did play many times through the 80’s on TV when I was a nipper and I remember being freaked out and slightly disturbed by some of the scenes even though it animation about rabbits.  For me John Hurt and Richard Briers have 2 of the best voices for telling stories that I have ever heard. 

Those that nearly made the list and aren’t mentioned in the apologies above are Short Circuit, The boy who could fly, Monster squad and the never-ending story (original).

 Anything I should change?


3 Responses to “Fantastic 5 on Fridays 80’s nostalgia movies”

  1. 1 Kim December 17, 2009 at 10:41 am

    Great list, LOVED Harry & The Hendersons (and haha to the comment about the kids in the bathroom! 😛 ). Personally I would’ve had to include The Neverending Story and Goonies.

  2. 2 Kim December 17, 2009 at 10:43 am

    oops, I didn’t read close enough the first time… so you did get the Goonies covered 😛 and Neverending Story was technically part of a thrilogy (although the third was wretched!) so I retract my previous comment. 🙂

  3. 3 thethoughtherder December 19, 2009 at 5:16 am

    Cheers, I tried to create a few ‘rules to make the list a bit different, otherwise your choices would be on for sure!

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