Food glorious food.

Food glorious food.

I haven’t blogged nearly as much about food on here as I thought I would when this blog was born. I am what you would call ‘food orientated’. I don’t use the term ‘foodie’ as I don’t like it, and I won’t use the term greedy as it makes me think of that fat kid in Willy Wonka, and the term greed overall conjures up negative images of some greedy megalomaniac and I don’t want to draw comparisons to either thank you very much.

Although between you and me I probably am greedy when it comes down to it with food.

Today my girlfriend has made lasagna, which despite the two us being together a fair whack of time, and me being lucky enough to have tried a host of different culinary creations courtesy of her time spent in the kitchen not once has it been lasagna.


As a food item its one of the best there is, a better creation to come from Italy I’m yet to see (I do include their cars in there too) for the simple reason that done properly its gastronomical heaven. Yes it has been basterdized by the shit in a plastic microwaveable tray merchants who sell it on the cheap from frozen food sections of supermarkets globally but that’s no more really lasagna than McDonald’s big mac is fine dining.

Good lasagna, proper lasagna, takes a lot of time, a bit of effort but the deep flavours of the ragu mixed with the light creamy béchamel sauce generously laced with cheese make it all worthwhile. A generous helping of crusty garlic bread with that? Bliss.

Something else I have come to realise about lasagna (I have no PhD in the subject nor did I appreciate pre typing that I had such strong opinions on it) is that the best ones I have had have always been homemade. Its bit of a rare feat amongst most foods that spring to mind that the best versions haven’t been in some restaurant. That’s not to say I think my mum’s is the best (although she does a damn good version) or that my own is the greatest (I use this recipe with a few tweaks) but it just seems generally the best ones I can think of have always been in the home of a friend or relative rather than a restaurant.

 With any wild crazy claims such as these its best to look at the why, and I think there are 2 fundamental reasons in this case;

1. When at a nice Italian restaurant there is too many other fantastic looking recipes on the menu that I could never hope to recreate in my own kitchen so it’s best to adventure a bit and try something new. Choosing lasagna would be a bit like Frodo opting to stay in the Shire.

2. Lasagna like so many dishes that are truly great is best eaten socially with friends. Lasagna for 1 brings back connotations of the frozen food section, where as the hand crafted lasagna for 10 piping hot out the oven is a fantastic event. Much appreciated by those who are already getting wobbly form the pre meal beers and wine. Therefore I associate lasagna with good times with good friends.

So in summary, lasagna has the right blend of flavours, with the soft centre and crispy edges, the right range of textures. And you can even make some for your mates easier than trying to cook a single portion. Perfect.

 If you do look at the recipe I use and think it’s too much hassle, wait for a rainy day when there is not a lot else going on, open a bottle of red to enjoy with it as you create and you won’t be disappointed


2 Responses to “Food glorious food.”

  1. 1 Jack September 8, 2009 at 10:22 am

    I applaud the bigging up of the mighty Italian dish. It’s certainly my favourite home-made food to make, next to meatballs and spag bol. Yummy. I’m going to a Japanese-Italian tonight. Should be interesting … shall I try the lasagne?

  2. 2 thethoughtherder September 8, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    Well that does change things slightly on the adventure food front…..I would guage how authentic an Italian it looks and if its similar to one you would find in the UK then choose again however if it looks like it will have some heavy Japanese influence then chow down and be ready to start all your future lasagne stories with “Once when I was in Japan;”

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