Ghost Town

I finally got around to watching Ghost Town last night, it’s not been ‘a must see’ but I was keen to see how Ricky Gervais took on the lead role in a Hollywood movie.  From his little spots on the 11 o’clock show years ago to leading a movie he has come a long way. 

The movie itself has a Quantum Leap feel to it, the put right where once went wrong mentality, but where the TV was always limited by its ‘made for TV’ content and humour, and the necessity to set up next week’s show Ghost Town can concentrate o the one story line in hand and throw in the swear words when it feels like it.

There is nothing new here.  The movie does and says nothing that you haven’t seen in a hundred movies before, the guy the girl the chase the end. But……it does make you laugh along the way. KInda the point of a comedy right!?!

The humour is slightly of kilt to most Hollywood rom- coms but this is probably due to Gervais’s role and his own brand of comedy which has been the back bone of his rise to fame.  The section of dialogue where he talks about how we are “all the same. Well except for the Chinese” wouldn’t have worked with many other potential leading men. 

Gervais does well in my opinion, the whole cast does, Greg Kinnear is great as the New York playboy lothario, Tea Leoni as the intelligent but naïve widow.  Well maybe formally naïve. But Gervais as the cynical, melancholy dentist who genuinely dislikes ALL people gives the film a slightly different tempo and humour to its rivals make it very watchable. 

All in all a worthy DVD rental, little bit feel good, plenty funny spots and a reminder that Alan Ruck is still working.


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