Scotty: I like this ship! You know, It’s exciting!

I went to the movies last night and watched the new Star Trek film.  I should say from the outset that I have never really been “into” Star Trek, I’ve watched the feature films from the 80’s and 90’s but I never really watched the TV series (any of them) as they just weren’t really my thing.  I have watched a bunch of the 60’s ones when they were on reruns but that’s about it.  In short I have no affection for the series; I just like to watch movies.

My girlfriend who came with me has previously been scarred by the show because she has an older brother who watched the TV show when she was growing up and now resents the franchise as a result. 


With that in mind it was pretty impressive I managed to get her to come with me!

I think that she really didn’t have much to fear as the movie I think stands alone well and although shares the same characters, creatures and futuristic world as the other movies it’s pretty much set apart from the others in terms of content and storytelling.

The pace of the action is set from the opening scene and doesn’t really let up, in fact there was more action in the movie than I thought there would be but its broken up with some good character interaction,  never gets too much and the characters are given time to develop.  There must be very few people who have an interest in Hollywood movies and haven’t heard of Spock, Cpt Kirk et al so I imagine casting this film would have been a pretty daunting task for those involved but I think they did a great job. 

Zachary Quinto, who I first saw as a streak of annoyance in the TV series 24, is good in Heroes as the messed up Sylar but it’s in this movie he seems to have found his niche. I think he plays a great Spock and looks at home on the big screen, something many TV actors find hard to achieve. Chris Pine who plays opposite him as the James T Kirk is someone I haven’t heard of but again handles his screen time effectively and mixes the humor and charm well with the action and aggression. 

I’m a huge fan of Simon Pegg from way back when he starred in Big Train, all the way up to his movie work.  As Scotty I only wish he was in more of the movie, the same can be said for Eric Bana who as the main bad guy you would expect to see more of but I think that’s as the movie is more about the building of the Enterprise crew and the beginnings of their relationships, his screen time was limited. Worthy of a special mention is the new incarnation of Uhura, who with no disrespect to the original actress, has never looked so hot.  The part is played by Zoe Saldana, another actor I know very little about but I’m sure she’ll get plenty more screen time as her career develops as she handles the sassy nature of her character perfectly and has movie star looks to accompany her acting skills. 

In summary (I don’t want to dish out any spoilers) I think it’s definitely worth a watch, a couple of hours to switch off and enjoy some farfetched science fiction.  I have no idea how proper Star Trek fans will feel about this movie and if it’s a worthy addition to the franchise, but I give it a thumbs up.

My girlfriend however didn’t and as my penance I am psyching myself up for whatever chick flick I get dragged to next. 

Damn it. 



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