On the road again

So I’m currently in Barcelona which is good, I have a few days spare, which is better, but I am so full of cold that I think I’m going to hold up in my hotel room till I’m actually required to do anything of purpose. 

Seems a waste with the city just there but I would rather think that I have been and didn’t get the chance to see the city than I forced myself to wander round feeling like crap and then resent it. 

I did get the chance to go around the city last night when I was just at the ‘bit of a cold’ stage rather than today’s ‘arrrgh my head.  I feel hot. No cold.  No wait hot again’.   One thing that Barcelona has that I don’t miss is smoking in the bars.  Not preaching as last night it didn’t really bother me but the damp smokey smell you get from you hair in the shower the next morning (when you don’t feel well even more so) sucks. 

Worth a shout out is the sweetest old lady in the world ever who I sat beside on one of my flights who gave me a penny she found for good luck on my travels.  She was in her 90’s heading home to Michigan and just really friendly and intersted in chatting to the random punter she was stuck on a plane beside.  Me. 

Not woth a shout was the dutch guy I sat beside on my next flight. I cant even bring myself to type about that just now.  Lets just say in a competeion of “who sat beside the worst guy ever on a flight” I have a beauty of an entry.


2 Responses to “On the road again”

  1. 1 Jay May 16, 2009 at 6:19 pm

    On my flight back from Tokyo last year I got stuck next to a big Chinese guy who took up a 1.25 seat width, essentially reducing my range of movement to the point where finding a comfortable position wasn’t a prospect for the long flight. I had to call upon my contortionist abilities to find something borderline-tolerable. The guy was boorish, snored, and picked his nose. The abyss between his ass and the seat crack seemed to eat up blankets, much to the chagrin of the Japanese woman in the aisle seat.

    Everyone’s got a story.

  2. 2 thethoughtherder May 16, 2009 at 7:38 pm

    Well my issue with the guy beside me was not a weight issue or an odor issue (he was a bit smelly but I figure you’ve been traveling all day I can cut you some slack) it was that every 15 mins or so, which on a 8 hour flight is a lot, he would turn on his lights and inspect his arms. He had this weird rash thing going on, and I’ll be honest I felt bad for the poor guy because it was obviously bothering him, he was putting loads of this cream on it to try and sort it out.

    That’s all fine with me.

    But then he would lean over on my side and rub his ‘itchy’ arm on me, smearing whatever cream he had on him and whatever was leeching out from his skin. He did it while I was trying to sleep and when he thought I wouldn’t notice, but I opened my eyes to check whether or not I had pus on me and give him a look of ‘not cool man’ he just pretended like he had no idea what was wrong and for the remainder of the flight utilized his extra space by spreading out the arms of freakiness farther.

    Airplane etiquette 101 # 1 keep your arms to yourself.

    Airplane etiquette 101 # 2 no nose picking, (that would have sucked)

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