Movie page

In a blatant rip off of an idea I spotted on Gibbering giraffe’s blog I thought I would add a page with the list of movies I watch this year. 


I like to put up a blog post about a movies sometimes (but not always) and figure that if someone is going to read my opinion who doesn’t know me then they can check out what else I have been watching.  I was going to do it with books too but at the moment I don’t read enough actually literature and as such the list would be embarrassingly short come January 2010. 

If anyone has any recommendations, fire away!!


1 Response to “Movie page”

  1. 1 Ben May 6, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    I should really start listing the movies I watch as well (to add to all the other lists I have going.. great!).

    I’m drawing a blank on recommendations at the moment, but I’ll give it some thought and if you’re lucky I’ll come back with a nice list later on. 😀

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