Wanted. Not really.

I got round to watching “Wanted” the other night on DVD, I’d not really been that fussed for it when it was playing in the theatres but having become a fan of James McAvoy I thought I would give it a go.  I should point out that I have never actually watched “Last King of Scotland” the movie which seems to have boosted McAvoy into the spotlight; I did own a copy of the DVD but moved half way round the world before I got a chance to watch it. His roles in Atonement, Starter for 10, and Shameless were all superb. Ok and yes I watched Narnia and he plays a pretty mean fawn too.  Anyway I digress ….

The movie itself kinda sucked. I mean if you have nothing to do (and I mean nothing) then yeah give it a go but don’t rush. It seems they borrowed the Matrix textbook and skipped a few pages when putting the film together and to be honest you may as well watch that again rather than this. James McAvoy – Neo, Morgan Freeman – Morpheus, Angelina Jolie- Trinity if you don’t heed my advice and watch the movie you’ll see what I mean.

The film is based around violence, that may not come as a shock as its about assassins but there is not much more to it really.  There is some dodgy clutch at a storyline to do with secret messages in cloth and father abandonment issues, but really it’s obvious neither were really wanted in the movie by the makers.  They got in the way of fighting scenes.  By the time rats covered in peanut butter with little bombs strapped to them were running across the screen I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Turned out I laughed but it was AT not WITH. 

I would love to say that McAvoy shone brightly in this flick and it could be added to the previous list of performances I enjoyed but I have to be honest and say that his character never sat quite right with me, I don’t know if it was the accent or just that I wanted to see him do more than to be the geek turned badass that was required of him.

Morgan Freeman is in the movie.  Just.  His role is so unanimated that really he is more of a background narrator even though he is on screen from time to time; it’s not his fault he’s just never really required to do anything in this role.  

Angelina Jolie, what can you say.  Well “here have some cake, maybe a curry, no, hmmm is there something we can tempt you with” would be a start.  It’s my thoughts about the movie I’m putting down here not weight and size issues but Jesus she needs a decent meal.  If not for the sake of being hungry then for the simple fact that she is unconvincing as a cool, slick assassin when she looks malnourished.

There is not much more I can say other that I’m off to buy another copy of Last King of Scotland and reassure myself that James McAvoy is worth going to see movies for.

2/10 (giving me the opportunity to blog about rats smeared in peanut butter with bombs strapped to them won it an extra point….)


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