You learn something every day if you pay attention (Ray LeBlond)

So I’m considering my life options at the moment. Not so much a quarter life crisis (think, and I stress think, I’m over that) more of a concerted effort to roll with the punches and change things up a little.  I’m attempting to turn something I really love to do into something that maybe, just maybe I can make a little bit of money from. 

Like most people in their twenties I have had various jobs over the years, some good some bad, some I learnt important lesson from others that taught me nothing.  From paper rounds to writing policies in the office it has been a fairly varied path but now I’m doing something completely different, taking a different path and turning something I spend my free time doing and my daydreams well daydreaming about into something more. 

I’m training to be a snowboard instructor.

Ok so the daydreams are about snowboarding not instructing but I’ve been able to snowboard for years and never considered teaching other people how to snowboard as something I would ever do.   Sure maybe taking a friend up the mountain and teaching them the basics so they could try something new, but now I’m seeing it slightly differently, seeing the potential for more.  

I figure with the world and its recession going to hell in handbag maybe I’ll get off the ride for a bit and do something fun.  Just for 18 months or so, I figure I have earned it.  Maybe.

So that’s the plan spend the next few days boosting my education in something I enjoy, then packing the bags heading west and trying to make enough money to not go hungry (ok maybe by a few beers too), meet some new people (to laugh and enjoy the ride with) and have a few experiences that I’ll enjoy telling my friends about at a later date but hope that any future kids I have never find out.  

The best part about all this is it all stems from once upon a time years ago when someone gave me a snowboard lesson.


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