Louis Salinger: Sometimes you find your destiny on the road you took to avoid it.

I went to watch “The International” the other night and I had high hopes that the movie would deliver a performance from Clive Owen (Loius Salinger) similar to “Children of Men” and that the mix of suspense, tension and pace of the movie would be up there with bad corporation favorite “The Firm”.

Unfortunately it didn’t really hit the mark on either.

To set the scene; Loius Salinger works for INTERPOL and operates closely with an assistant DA (Naomi Watts) to get to the bottom of the alleged dirty dealings of an International bank that is supposed to be the bank for criminal organizations the world over.

Clive Owen’s performance is solid, and you can feel the characters’ determination but the movie itself detracts from it with its flaws. Despite taking the audience on a tour of some glamorous cities (Milan, Berlin, New York) the lack of tempo leaves you feeling like you actually took the long haul flight with the production crew. Surprising as the director, Tom Tykwer, accomplished the exact opposite in his fantastic 1998 movie “run lola run” with a brilliantly paced film. None of the other cast really gets much in the way of character development and Naomi Watts is woefully under used.

The best scene of the movie takes place in the Guggenheim museum, in the form of a tactical gun fight, the uniqueness of the setting is what makes it interesting and the way it’s smoothly shot and put together is brilliant.

Overall the movie isn’t that bad, worthy of a DVD night on the couch but probably not worth the effort to go to the movies, I don’t want to say too much and create any spoilers in case you stay awake all the way to the end. 6/10


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