Why am I here?

So I mention in my ‘about me’ that I wander around a lot with my camera.  I do this as I convince myself that an amazing photo opportunity will happen any second when I am outside wandering the streets.  So far to date, not so much of this has happened.  Ok lets  be fair I probably pass a hundred amazing photo opportunities everyday but I just don’t even notice them, the thing is as much as I love photography, photography is still trying to learn to love me back.

 I know myself being at one end of the learning curve means that I need to spend more time out and about taking snaps to get to a point where I notice what works for me and the types of picture I’m trying to take more and more of. I have bought books in the past to try and get a bit further along (I’m so far taking the self taught route) but reading standard text about photography seems so dry compared with looking out unique things and taking some snaps. One of the greatest elements of digital photography is that I can take 100 pics in a morning and it doesn’t cost me a penny, so I can go out I the afternoon and take 100 more, not like the old days of waiting a week to find out my finger was over the lens anyway.

I guess the point of this blog post is that as I’m new to blogging I’m looking at how I got here and really its photography that brought me round to it (well that and my girlfriend).  So many blogs that I have found contain awesome photos that people want to share it and it kind of re motivates me to go back out side and snap some more. The likes of Picasa make storing and making basic tweaks a doddle and the likes of flickr with its interesting photos from the last 7 days make my laptop a fantastic portal to a world full of other people’s jpegs and the cool things they have seen.  I’m looking forward to reading the thoughts, hints, tips of others and really interested to see what photos others learning their own style are taking.


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